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Cannabis Related News

Cannabis Seeds to Remain Legal

A leading British newspaper has run a report calling the legal trade in cannabis seeds "Potty", yet according to its readers 'website comments', there isn't a single person who would agree with them.
The Home Office has publicly said: “There are currently no plans for legislation to outlaw the sale of [cannabis] seeds,” and the report goes on to tell of the buoyant, tax-paying trade in cannabis seeds which carries on with the governments blessing.

According to the News of the World there are "At least two dozen UK-based firms offering skunk seeds, getting around the law by describing them as “novelties” or “adult souvenirs” but according to one cannabis seed vendor, the newspaper have got it all wrong.

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Cannabis Decriminalised In Michigan

The recent legalisation of medical cannabis in the US state of Michigan has once again proved that
British policies regarding cannabis have little to do with public health and everything to do with money.

While the world watched Barack Obama accept the nomination of the 44th President Elect, upwards of 11
million voters in Michigan were at the ballot-box, voting on another, entirely different matter.
The matter of whether or not patients with a doctors certificate should be removed from the war on drugs,
by offering them protection under state law, which allows them to grow, to possess and to consume cannabis,
within limits to be set by the state of Michigan.
The Marijuana Policy Project raised some big numbers to assist in getting this ballot as much publicity
as they could muster. As a result, the ballot had unprecedented public support. Nice job guys!

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